The Black Sea Spas

There are no miracles, but Romanian cures often seem miraculous. You will rediscover a sense of well being in spirit, body and mind.

Romania's beach spas combine the benefits of the sea and sun with specific cure treatments based on both the local sapropelic mud and mesothermal waters.

Eforie Nord and Eforie Sud - Ana Aslan SPA, where the well-known Ana Aslan Therapy, based on Gerovital and Aslavital is offered in addition with various kinds of procedures using sapropelic mud and salty water from the Techirghiol Lake.

Neptun and Mangalia Spasspecialized in mud baths, as well as well known clinics, disposing of modern installations – electrotherapy, kinetic therapy, hydrotherapy, warm mud wrapping, gymnasium, massages, and warm sea water pools.

Techirghiol Sanatorium the balneal and recovery sanatorium benefits from the existence of one of the most modern balneal-physical-kinetic treatment bases from our country.

MUST DO - Gerovital rejuvenation treatment, mud wrappings ...

1 Fun, Sun and Beaches

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5 The Black Sea Spas

There are no miracles , but Romanian cures ... [more...]

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